Soma Farm is a leader in developing economically and environmentally sustainable farming systems in Cambodia.

We produce the highest quality locally grown fresh beef, chicken eggs, and fragrant coconuts in the country.  We comply with international health and safety standards and use state-of-the-art technology and best practices in our facilities.

Our Heritage

We started as a hobby — family farm continues to take pride in producing the most delicious products by using innovative farming technology, following  environmentally-friendly practices, meeting the highest international standards in farming and become official business recently. This has created a great opportunity for Soma Farm to be a leader in developing economically and environmentally sustainable farming systems and quality vocational training for our staff.

Our Approach

We practice sustainable farming, choosing products and methods suited to the resiliency of the land.

Best Quality

Soma Farm uses the latest, most environmentally sustainable technology available to keep our farm lands productive. We know that healthy soil means healthy plants and healthy plants mean nutritious produce, and we are committed to providing this to our customers.

Advanced Technology

Soma Farm is pioneering a movement in Cambodian agriculture to transition to advanced farming practices and systems that are more productive, more sustainable and better for the environment.

Reduced Waste

We use drip irrigation to ensure that we can maintain our quality throughout the rainy and dry seasons, with minimal evaporation and water wastage.

We use pesticides and fertilizers in the minimal effective doses and always researching and upgrading to the most sustainable, environmentally friendly technology possible.

Our Promise to You

We will deliver the freshest, best quality, most delicious produce in Cambodia meeting international standards.